Backyard Vegetable Gardening The Advantages

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have freshly picked vegetables everyday at the convenience of your own backyard garden? Isn’t it nice to have all the ingredients of your salad ready and freshly picked? Isn’t it breathtaking to see crops in their full ripeness, growing healthy and ready to eat? Isn’t it rewarding to eat healthy fruits and vegetables without having to worry about unknown chemicals used on them?

Growing a vegetable garden is therapeutic as well as life saving. In this economic stage where prices go up while income remains the same, or in some cases, goes down, having a garden that is ready to give you the essential food and nutrients you need can save your life.

There are many ways to start a garden. You can start yours by either using garden planters or cultivated soil plots. Decorations like bamboo fountains, garden gnomes or wooden benches can be used to put more life to your garden. But before you think of beautifying your future garden, let us know first what a garden can give you aside from obvious fruits and vegetables.

Health – Having your own vegetable garden assures you that the fruits and vegetables you feed your family are fresh and free from chemicals. The chemicals used to fertilize and spray plants to keep them healthy and pests free can lead to toxic ingestion which can cause fatal diseases. Ofcourse, you don’t want your family to eat chemically grown plants or compromise their health by spraying chemicals in your garden so you’d prefer to use organic fertilizers.

Cost Efficient – Imagine the money you can save from visiting the grocery store. Imagine the amount of gas you can save from driving back and forth to purchase fresh vegetables. Isn’t it wonderful to save energy, time and money? The money you would be spending for buying fruits and vegetables can be reduced if you have the food available everyday.

The amount you’d spent to purchase seeds, seedlings and other garden materials can sustain you for a long time allowing you to enjoy healthy meals everyday.

backyard-gardeningExercise – Planting, weeding, watering and other garden activities allow you to move around a lot. You can burn calories per day by just tending your garden.

You get to use your idle muscles to grow healthy crops.

Environment Friendly – Growing green can greatly benefit our environment.

Instead of using chemical based fertilizers and pest killers, the use of compost for fertilizer to nourish plants is a good and natural way to grow healthy vegetables.

Also, by using compost we learn to reduce our waste and make better use of the organic materials. This reduces the pile of thrown garbage on dump sites.

There are still other advantages growing a vegetable garden can give. Start a healthy life style now and discover what other benefits a healthy vegetable garden can give you and your family.